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Welcome to Entrepreneurial Twente

The Interactive Treasure Map of High-Tech Entrepreneurial Twente

Twente is a top technological, entrepreneurial, and innovative knowledge region situated in the Eastern part of the Netherlands. It is represented by leading institutes in the field of nanotechnology, IT, biomedical engineering, and high tech systems and materials. In addition, the region offers various support facilities to entrepreneurs to achieve economic, social, and environmental objectives.

This map was made to connect and promote the tech & startup community of Twente. If you can't find your startup on the map, please submit it for review. Now, let's put Twente on the map!

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This service is brought to you by Klantvoorkeur. If you have any questions about this service or are looking for an innovative business partner that solves your strategic communication and interactive marketing challenges, please contact us.



In our map, we include exclusively technology oriented companies who are determined on tackling the toughest problem-sets of our time.


  • Your startup is headquartered in Twente;
  • Your startup is not older than 7 years old. If it is older, then choose the category 'Tech Company' in the application form;
  • Your startup is technology based. You don't solely consult, but invent, improve, and innovate high-tech solutions;
  • Your startup is high-growth oriented. You embrace the adagium: Twente is my cradle, the world is my office.

Entrepreneurship supporters:

  • Your organization fosters entrepreneurship in Twente significantly;
  • Your organization offers financing, mentoring, networking, education, or office / lab space facilities to high-tech high-ambitious startups;
  • Your organization is willing to participate in a startup (with the risk of any kind of loss).

Did you read and fully understood the submission criteria? Then it's time to submit your company for review.

Note: We acknowledge that with these criteria self-employed, consulting, and service-oriented organizations are excluded from inclusion in our map. That does not mean we do not appreciate their value within the entrepreneurial community of Twente - we do sincerely! As indicated, the choice of focus for this map is high-tech high-ambitious startups.


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Frequently asked questions and answers

Please find answers to the most frequently asked questions below, if you have other questions feel free to contact us.

What are the costs of this service?

The service is offered completely free of charge by Klantvoorkeur, an agency for strategic communication and interactive marketing.

Why are markers not always placed on the exact address?

To avoid overlapping of markers because they represent the same address but different companies, each marker is placed with a small deviation from the exact location. The infowindow of the marker always contains the exact address.

How can I help promote this website?

Word of mouth is the best form of advertisement. Tell your friends, colleagues, and family members. Another good place to start is sharing our website address ( on various social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

How can I represent my own region or city with a map?

This site is backed by MarkerPlex, a mapping solution for representatives of a region or city who want to share and promote certain places or events by means of an interactive map.


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